Month: November 2016

Social Media Marketing – SMM – Digital Delivery Agency

“Social Media is like teen sex. Everyone wants to do it. No one knows how”. Avinash Kaushik, Google Evangelist.

Do you already have a Facebook page but your posts are barely seen from your customers?

Do you “tweet” from time to time but you don’t understand how this could impact your revenues?

Do you “pin” whatever you see on the Internet but you don’t have a website?

Guess what? Here at Digital Delivery Agency we learned from Avinash and we know how to help you shaping your Social Media presence.


Exploit the most famous and well known Social Network. 1,2 billion active users are waiting for you


Get found across Google, get face-to-face with your customers and make your social experience accountable


140 characters can bring your business to a whole another level. Discover how to tweet for success


Help millions of people discover your business and share it with others. Divert relevant traffic to your website through the right picture


Showcase your business and connect with millions of professionals. Are you a B2B company? Here’s the answer for your marketing strategy

Search Engine Optimisation – SEO – Digital Delivery Agency

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a natural way to improve your website’s position
in the search engine rankings. It is an ongoing process involving a number of activities that will ultimately ensure your site ranks as highly as possible for the keywords you value.

At Digital Delivery Agency we have developed a range of SEO tools to analyse the effectiveness of your site architecture. From a first analysis we can identify issues and move forward with a targeted action plan, tailored on your business needs.

Search Engine Marketing – PPC – Digital Delivery Agency

Your next customer is online right now.

He might be looking for your product at this particular moment. But your company is not there when it matters. That’s it: you lost it. How can you change that? How can you build your online presence and become reachable from customers when they’re looking for you?

Choose Digital Delivery Agency and discover the power of Search Engine MarketingOur PPC team counts on a bunch of Google Qualified Professionals who can help you from day 1 til increasing your ROI.

Advantages of Paid Advertising:

  • Sales drivenSEM reaches customers when they’re looking for informations which lead to sales
  • Cost effective: SEM has proved to generate brand awareness and positive ROI

Are you still wondering what’s behind this “Google thing”? Give us a try! Grow your business with us.

LinkedIn – Digital Delivery Agency

Open your business to the world’s largest professional network!

Create a LinkedIn Company Page: raise awareness of your brand, promote career opportunities and educate potential customers on your products and services.

Let us at Digital Delivery Agency help you developing a follower community and shape the best tools in order to build valuable relationships on the professional Social Network.

Moreover, let us introduce and plan with you how to implement LinkedIn Marketing Solutions for your brand’s best results.

Discover LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, Premium Display Advertising, Sponsored InMail and the Self-Service Advertising on a CPC Advertising Platform built within LinkedIn.

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Services – Digital Delivery Agency

Here at Digital Delivery Agency we strive to find the best marketing solutions for our clients. Below you can find our core business but we’re always open for a chat to understand together the best way to grow your business with a little help in our field of expertise.

Search advertising is the best way to improve your ROI. It reaches the customer when he’s looking for what you are offering.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin. We make social networks deliver results, not just words.

Our SEO strategies and tools can improve your website ranking. Be on the top spot to get the audience which matters.

Pinterest – Digital Delivery Agency

Pinterest helps people collect and organise the things they love.

If you add the Pin it button to your website, people can use it to pin your stuff to Pinterest. Then lots more people can repin those things or click back to your website. This means more traffic to you and, ultimately, more results.

Here at Digital Delivery Agency we strongly believe in the power of this social network to generate qualified traffic for your business. To help you getting the most from Pinterest we can help you setting up your account, thinking about your boards and developing a successful pinning strategy.

And with the rich pins take your Pinterest experience to the next level leading your customers straight from the Social Network to sales!

Twitter – Digital Delivery Agency

What can you do for your business with 140 characters?

Twitter can help you to communicate with anyone on any mobile phone anywhere in the world.

With more than 200million active users per month and 400 millions tweets per day it’s a fast growing interest platform.

With Twitter you can:

  • Connect in real-time with who and what interests you most
  • Influence consumer attitudes and behaviour by participating in their conversations
  • Drive transactions
  • Connect directly with customers
  • Tell engaging stories
  • Broadcast content

Digital Delivery Agency can help your Org to join Twitter in the right way establishing your vision and charter, developing a meaningful content strategy, understanding the Social Network’s mechanics and connecting your efforts into Twitter.

Furthermore, we can provide the best advertising solutions on the platform such as Promoted Accounts, Promoted Trends and Promoted Tweets.

Facebook – Digital Delivery Agency

There are 1,2 billion people on Facebook: almost 2 times the European population.

Facebook Page is the perfect tool for a company to interact with people who are already customers or people who are interested in the brand and can become customers in the future.

Over one billion people like and comment an average of 3,2 billion times every day. Having a strong presence on Facebook makes your business part of the most powerful word-of-mouth marketing: recommendations between friends.

Digital Delivery Agency can help you reaching the right audience for your business and turn them into customers. We can support you to build an initial fan base (people who wants to hear from you) and we’ll be glad to create and deliver the right content for your audience.

Moreover, we’re fully committed to deliver the best performances for Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads target users based on demographics, likes, interests and hobbies. That’s why they’re so important to link to your business people who love what you do.

Beyond Pages and Ads Facebook offers a wide variety of solutions for Business. We can tailor them around your needs.

About us – Digital Delivery Agency

DIGITAL – It’s our world, a world in which companies need to do the right decisions to be successful. Creativity and flexibility are our best weapons to help you grow your business.

DELIVERY – We’re obsessed with performances: we want them maximized with minimum risks for our partners. Our success is measured from our partners results. Our goal is support them with the best marketing solutions in the game.

AGENCY – We have 2 offices in London and Milan. The beating hearts of Europe business and creativity are our headquarters to provide strategies for our partners.

We are a young team of professionals with a passion for digital and the right tools to deliver marketing performances. Our mission is to grow with our partners gaining their trust with our daily work and amazing them with innovative solutions for outstanding results.